local artisan products from 'Round the Mountain in an Easter gift guide



1. Stuffed Sheep ­– These stuffed sheep dolls can be added to an Easter basket or be given as a special gift during the holiday.
Artisan: Margaret Rich

2. Stuffed Duck – Fill an Easter basket with beautiful handmade items. This stuffed duck makes the perfect addition for the tiniest of those on your Easter list.
Artisan: Margaret Rich

3. Bunny Framed Print – This colorful print adds a special touch to a home through the Easter holiday. Purchase this and hang it in time for Easter dinner!
Artisan: Teresa Kath

4. Floral Pendant Necklace – They don’t have to be young to receive an Easter basket. Add this unique floral pendant to a gift for a close friend or adult daughter.
Artisan: Joanne Bell

5. Purple Felted Flower Broach – As you are planning for your Easter outfit, add this beautiful broach for extra spring style.
Artisan: Susan Huff

6. Three-Pocket Wall Planter – This makes a great spring gift to start off the seedlings and herbs for the year.
Artisan: Beverly Walker

7. Rabbit Vase – This handcrafted vase gives them a place to store the spring tulips and lilies to be remarkable Easter centerpiece.
Artisan: Jen Otey

8. Amazing Grace Glass Resin Piece – This piece showcases stunning blue glass pieces in the form of a cross and ‘Amazing Grace’ lyrics for a close colleague or family member celebrating the Easter holiday.
Artisan: Gloria Cocilova

9. Multi-Colored Easter Basket with Eggs ­– Keep track of all your eggs on each of your hunts! This basket can be given as a gift to use for years to come, and it already comes with fluffy Easter eggs ready to hide!
Artisan: Barbara Holbrook