a collection of 27 items handcrafted by artisans that could be gifts for women including jewelry, pottery, baskets, handbags, vases, and quilts



She’s important to you! Give her a gift to show her just how unique she is in your life. Each of these gifts were handcrafted by ‘Round the Mountain artisans.

  1. Labradorite Teardrop Swirl Earrings – These beautiful earrings are classically stylish with enough mineral design to add pizzaz to an outfit.
    Artisan: Susan Blansett
  2. Bullet Keychain – She’s proof a woman can be fierce and dazzling. This keychain features a bullet casing with gemstone tips.
    Artisan: Jennifer Counts
  3. Wooden Vase – Flowers never go out of style. This wooden vase is one she can keep stocked all year long.
    Artisan: Bill Dotten
  4. Seashell Pendant –It’s never too early to start planning the next family vacation, but this beautiful conch shell pendant will remind her of the memories along the beach.
    Artisan: Patty Hertzog
  5. Viking Knit Hanging Earrings – Make a statement with these bold hanging green and copper earrings. She is sure to be answering questions on where she got them all day long!
    Artisan: Amanda Griffin
  6. Green Wood Wizard Tree Ring – Show your enduring love with her with a ring grown on a live tree.
    Artisan: Frank Hyldal
  7. Spring Copper Bracelet – This personalized bracelet has a variety of textures to allow her to style it with any kind of outfit. You can choose a personalized design to show her personality or give an ‘M’ for mom.
    Artisan: Aaron Ragan
  8. Glass Garden Stakes – Give her a flower she can keep in the garden all year long. This garden stake features white rectangular glass with a floral design.
    Artisan: Ray and Carol Moore
  9. Virginia Tech Glass Bracelet – Whether she is still in school or still reminiscing on college days, this allows the ultimate fan to declare her allegiance.
    Artisan: Classy Glass Kay Cook
  10. Scented Homemade Soap – Give the gift of relaxation, self-care, and luxury with these sweet-smelling homemade soaps.
    Artisan: Treva Randall
  11. Rose Bead Bracelet – Save the real roses for Valentine’s Day and give her this beautiful combination of rose petal beads, pearl beads, and metal rose beads.
    Artisan: Lester Ray & Pat Osborne DD
  12. Turquoise Earrings – She can pair these elegant matte gold and turquoise earrings with her western style or her classic, everyday outfit.
    Artisan: Anne Vaughn
  13. Ceramic Night Light – Because we still use a night light when we get older, just make it classy. This vase-shaped nightlight covering will make a statement in anyone’s home.
    Artisan: Debbie Grim Yates
  14. Slide-on Wooden Bracelet (Yellow Dogwood) – She can pair this stunning yellow bracelet with additional accessories or use it to stand out in a crowd. The visible wood grain adds to the beauty of this piece.
    Artisan: Thomas Ilowecki
  15. Floral Pendant Necklace – These are flowers she can keep for more than a week. These pendants feature a variety of floral designs.
    Artisan: Joanne Bell
  16. Silver/Red and Green Stones Bracelet: She’ll have the room talking with this bracelet on her wrist. The remarkable red and green stones subtly stand out against the silver on this piece.
    Artisan: Herman Cook
  17. Brookland Crossbody: This timeless leather handbag is perfect size for when she’s on-the-go or for a night-out with an adjustable strap and metal button clasp.
    Artisan : Bryan Owens
  18. Small Dessert Bowl: This stoneware will make the perfect accent at a dinner or dessert table. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe!
    Artisan: Tricia Cahoon
  19. Copper Ring with Green Stone: This ring will have her wishing she had one for every finger! The intricate design is complemented by the beautiful green stone as a central focus.
    Artisan: Jennifer Murphy
  20. Rectangular Copper Earrings: These dangle earrings will finish off any outfit in style with a unique touch.
    Artisan: Martha and Ed Biggar
  21. Winter Reds Quilt: Keep her warm this winter! This handmade quilt features winter reds backed with tan paisley. It may be so beautiful she may even keep this one for decoration.
    Artisan: Reva Hill
  22. Crazy Spiral Earrings: Who can resist these beautiful earrings? The turquoise, black, and yellow beads create a design sure to keep everyone gazing!
    Artisan: Janet Gunther
  23. Orange Flower Tin Bracelet with Brass Chain: Flower Power! It’s back in style. She’ll be pairing this piece with the bell bottoms before you know it.
    Artisan: Marcy Sayers
  24. Purple Salad Plate: Southern culture teaches the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. If she is a regular hostess, this piece is easy on the eyes, too!
    Artisan: Michael Gamble
  25. Woven Cream and Black Basket with Golden Trim: She can make any room look lavish with the addition of this handwoven basket. This is a practical choice, too, for storage.
    Artisan: Tamara Neo
  26. Mother of Pearl Pendant Ring: This ring will never go out of style. This ring will stun even the classiest belle.
    Artisan: Katherine Katt
  27. Small Squat Vase with Leaf: Complement a bouquet of flowers with this handcrafted vase with leaf. It’s a quick and easy gift for the holiday hostess, neighbor, coworker, or the woman who already has it all!
    Artisan: Nell Fredericksen

Other handcrafted items are available for purchase at the ‘Round the Mountain Artisan Network at the Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace.