Gift Guide for locally-made items from 'Round the Mountain Artisan members.



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1. ‘Jenny Could Sing’ Wren: This beautiful piece could be the best of both worlds for the person who loves music and birds with these bright colors.  ($75)
Artisan: Lisa May

2. ‘Proud’ Print: The perfect addition to a farm home or the person looking for that ‘pop’ of yellow on these Meadowlark birds singing over this field. ($75)
Artisan: Ron Campbell×11?_pos=3&_fid=dbf247c4d&_ss=c

3. Two Chickens on Canvas: These paintings would make a great gift for the farmhouse or the decorator who loves chickens.
Artisan: Paula Melton×9?_pos=7&_fid=dbf247c4d&_ss=c

4. Mistletoe Crossroads Runner: Gift a gorgeous piece that become the traditional décor for the table each year. ($75)
Artisan: Julie Powell

5. Handmade Rug (Black/White Kentucky): This 33×42” rug is a mix of poly/cotton has the classic to style to go in any room in the house! ($90)
Artisan: Margaret Couch×42-handmade-rug-black-white-kentucky?_pos=6&_fid=75c34a92e&_ss=c

6. Black & White Scarf: This 100% wool scarf is the perfect addition to any winter outfit to add a sense of elegance. ($100)
Artisan: Kathleen Hill×80?_pos=11&_fid=75c34a92e&_ss=c

7. Ceramic Bowl: This large bowl is a great gift by itself, or the perfect chance to stock it full of baking products for the recipient. ($83.25)
Artisan: Melinda Payne×4?_pos=17&_fid=75c34a92e&_ss=c

8. Drop Bowl with Stand: This eye-popping piece will add class and style to its new home. ($88)
Artisan: Nancy Erikson

9. Elk Drawing: This remarkable framed elk drawing is sized 13×16 and could be the statement piece for a ‘trophy room’ or mancave. ($83.50)
Artisan: Shannon Piek Mathena×16?_pos=24&_fid=75c34a92e&_ss=c

10. Emory & Henry Pencil Drawing (Framed): This drawing of the Van Dyke Center could be the perfect gift for an Emory & Henry graduate – new or old! Give an early Christmas gift or save until graduation. ($98.33)
Artisan: Robert Duff

11. Flat Black Textured Platter: A fun gift for the quirky host! This curved and textured blue and black platter has four spherical blue feet. ($95)
Artisan: Nancy Brooks

12. Handed Beaded ‘Star Bright’ (framed): This gorgeous framed rhinestone hand-beaded star is a statement gift with remarkable detail. ($90)
Artisan: Kevin Meredith

13. Red Quilt: This lovely 41×41 inch quilt would make a fabulous hanging quilt or bed covering with its bright, popping color. ($80)
Artisan: Betty Fields×41-quilt?_pos=40&_fid=75c34a92e&_ss=c

14. Quilted Tote Bag (Black and Cream with Pocket): A great-sized bag with unique texture and pattern make this a great option for the woman on-the-go. ($92)
Artisan: Joan Bear Minnick

15. Small Natural Edge Ring Bowl: It is a popular time of year for proposals! Give a gift to help store the rings. ($83.50)
Artisan: James Garrison

16. Natural Basket (Small Williamsburg): This natural bread basket will allow them to shop or store in style! A great option for the person who is a regular at the farmers’ market. ($84)
Artisan: Connie Bundy

17. Stars & Needles Gourd Bowl: This dark gourd bowl would help fill the space of anyone who loves the rustic Americana décor style.Artisan: Chris Jones

18. Wooden Floral Clock: This quartz clock is mounted in a wood box and would make the perfect masterpiece on a mantle. ($76.80)
Artisan: Wayne Sheets

Wooden Floral Clock