Valentine's Day gift options from 'Round the Mountain artisans.

GIFT GUIDE – Valentine’s Day


1. Wooden Wine Box – Gift their favorite wine in this handcrafted wooden wine box with grapevine cutouts. Pair with chocolates and a card for a full display.
(Artisan: Mitch Holt)

2. Walnut Heart Bowl – This beautiful wooden bowl would be perfect for Valentine’s Day gifted on its own or with your partner’s favorite candy. It’s reusable for holidays to come!
(Artisan: Buren Bloomer)

3. Glass Romance Tree with Stand – This beautiful handcrafted tree has all the colors of love and would add the ideal accent for the holiday.
(Artisan: Larry Mitchell)

4. Dutch Woven Heart – Say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with this handwoven heart ornament. Put a surprise inside and gift to a friend!
(Artisan: Jean Condon)

Dutch Woven Heart


5. Insulated Table Mat with Hanger: Gift utility! This handcrafted table mat will look great on the table and will be useful!
(Artisan: Julie Powell)

6. Tin Necklace with Pink Flowers and Pearls: Jewelry is always acceptable for Valentine’s Day, but this piece won’t be found anywhere else with its beautiful pink flower and classic pearls.
(Artisan: Marcy Sayers)

7. Jasper Ring – Make a statement with your gift. This orange jasper pendant is breathtaking!
(Artisan: Katherine Katt)

8. Gemstone Earrings – These dangling earrings have the ‘WOW’ factor with their array of colors.
(Artisan: Anne Vaughan)

9. Polished Stone Frame – Make it personal! Fill this unique frame with your favorite picture.
(Artisan: Nancy Brooks)

10. Leather Glasses Case – These handcrafted leather case looks great and will last. Gift it on its own or fill with new shades!
(Artisan: Chris Marsh)

11. You are my Sunshine Watercolor Card – Sometimes you just need a card to express how you feel! This bright card sets the stage to share all of your emotions.
(Artisan: Rhonda Withington)

12. ‘LOVE’ Railroad Spike: Perfect for the railroad worker or for display at the office this hand-welded LOVE sign made out of spikes.
(Artisan: Isaac Hylton)

13. Carolina Chickadee – Here’s to you lovebirds! This Carolina Chickadee is handcrafted.
(Artisan: John Dickens)

14. Ceramic Flower Keeper – If you want to gift flowers and add a little extra pizazz, this homemade flower keeper will help with the display and will last long after the flowers are gone.
(Artisan: Michael Gamble)