Unique wedding gifts crafted by 'Round the Mountain artisans.



If you are looking to congratulate a newly married couple, we have some unique handcrafted gifts to make the celebration a special one.

1. Ceramic Night Light – Help the newly married couple add small, artistic touches to their home. The neutral colors in this night light make it a versatile piece.
(Artisan: Debbie Grim Yates)

2. Honey Dipper – A gift basket is always a perfect way to prepare a new couple for their life together. Pair this honey dipper with some of our local honey, tea bags, or pre-made biscuit mix to offer the couple a blissful time in the kitchen together.
(Artisan: Daryl Lee)

3. Dessert Plates ­– Gift a beautiful set of dessert plates as a staple for the new couple to keep for their collection, unique in various sizes and designs.
(Artisan: Walter Shroyer)

4. ‘LOVE’ Railroad Spike ­– This hand-welded love sign is a statement piece that will provide a unique decorative item for the home. Whether it finds its resting place on a foyer table or a mantle, it is a constant reminder of the love that binds this couple together.
(Artisan: Isaac Hylton)

5. Salt Pig ­– This is a fun piece to gift a couple as they decorate and prepare their kitchen. It adds just a pop of color to a kitchen counter or dining room table.
(Artisan: Nell Fredericksen)

6.  Spring Bloom Painting – Give a gift of beauty. This acrylic colorful floral design help share happiness and new blooms of the spring, along with a growing relationship.
(Artisan: Kristen Dalpiaz)

7. Wine Bottle Box – Hopefully the new couple’s love ages like a fine wine. Gift a delicious bottle to be enjoyed for a special occasion in this hand-crafted wooden wine bottle box.
(Artisan: Mitch Holt)

8. Utensil 2.0 – Beautiful serving utensils allow the new couple to invite guests into their home for years to come and make memories over meals. Pair this with other utensils, dishware, or place in a gift basket to complete your present.
(Artisan: Buren Bloomer, Crafts from the Gap)

9. Maple Bud Vase ­– Fresh flowers are a certain way to make a house feel welcoming. This vase’s color and texture will bring out the brightness and hue of a flower arrangement.
(Artisan: Glenn Buss)

10. Broom Corn Cake Tester – This handy tool in the kitchen replaces the need for a toothpick. Just break off a piece of broom corn and test your baked goods like you normally would with a toothpick. The perfect gift for the couple that loves to bake.
(Artisan: Erin Simons)